Ordering goods from China to sell on the domestic market through online marketplaces like Wildberries can be a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs. However, there are certain difficulties that can be encountered when ordering goods through cargo, which can cause delays or even result in lost shipments.

One of the biggest challenges faced by those ordering goods through cargo is the issue of customs clearance. All shipments entering a country must go through customs clearance, which involves the inspection of the goods to ensure that they comply with all relevant regulations and laws. In some cases, customs may seize a shipment if they suspect that the goods are counterfeit, infringe on intellectual property rights, or violate other regulations. This can cause significant delays and can even result in the loss of the entire shipment.

Another challenge faced by those ordering goods through cargo is the issue of shipping costs. Shipping costs can vary widely depending on the size and weight of the shipment, the destination country, and the shipping method chosen. In some cases, the cost of shipping can be so high that it outweighs the potential profits from selling the goods. This is especially true for smaller shipments or items with a low profit margin.

Language barriers can also be a challenge when ordering goods through cargo. Many Chinese suppliers may not speak English fluently, which can make communication difficult. This can lead to misunderstandings about product specifications, shipping dates, and payment terms. In some cases, suppliers may also use incorrect or misleading information in their product listings, which can result in the shipment of goods that do not meet the buyer’s expectations.

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